Before heading out to the track, all visitors are required to read our track rules.

– The race starts at the starting line.
– Follow the track marshal’s signals.


Beware of

Let driver behind


You are  

End of race 
(last lap has started)

Participants must be on site 15 minutes before the event and every participant must take part in a safety instruction session! Very important for drivers is to understand safety rules and how the go-kart works!
Instruction session is conducted in Estonian or English!
In the case of an accident or violation of the rules, the competition for the driver who causes the situation, ends immediately!
The following situations are considered an accident or violation of the rules:
* Crashing into a fellow competitor
* Deliberately obstructing another driver
* Driving directly into the track fences
* Not using the brakes
* Not braking before the pit lane
* Speeding in pit lane
* Taking hands off the wheel, while driving

– Do not ram into other contestants or barriers.
– Do not obstruct other drivers from passing.
– Do not make any sudden maneuvers.
– If the go-kart is driven off the track and damaged, the driver shall bear the costs.
– In the event of a technical malfunction, please drive immediately to the pit or stop and raise your arm! Do not exit the go-kart.
– If you get stuck on the track, turn the steering wheel straight and pull the go-kart backwards from the front wheels with both hands.
– Before driving into the pit, stop in front of the STOP sign.