Before going to the track one has to read through our rules.

Competition commences from the start line.
Pay attention to the signals of the track judge.


Stop competition   Beware of danger   Let the racer from behind pass
  Last warning   You are disqualified  

End of race (beginning of the last track) 

● Do not ram other competitors or the boundaries.

● Do not hinder bypassing racers.

● Do not do make drastic maneuvers.

● Racer shall bear expenses in case of damage to the go-kart damaged due to going off the track.

● In case of technical failure please turn to the box or stop and raise your hand! Do not exit the go-kart.

● If you get stuck on the track straighten the steering wheel and pull the go-kart back with your hands on the front wheels.

● Before driving into box stop at the STOP sign.