Karts have been equipped with Honda GX270 cc 9-horsepower motors that enable it to reach the speed ca 60km/h.


Distance to the pedals is adjustable pursuant to racer’s need.

Fast and accurate steering wheel provides control even in the most difficult situations.


Ergonomic basket seat can be adjusted according to racer’s height.

Slick tyres provide good contact with the road.


Go-Karts that represent the model of the newest generation and that are sufficiently powerful and very safe in order to meet the needs of a most demanding customer.

In order to see more detailed information about different parts move the mouse on the points marked on the go-kart.




● Hard collision frame with soft covering renders a collision safe
● Rapid seat position adjustment provides for comfort for racers of different length
● Possibility to move treadles
● Powerful fastening of the handle bar and the wheel
● Strong duplicate fastening of handle bar provides for the safety of a racer
● Powerful double-block mechanic breaking system provides for good breaking
● Treadles are suit all feet lengths


Children can use go-karts that have been specially designed for them. Children who are at least 135cm tall are entitled to race.