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Gift card from the Go-Kart Centre

Go-Kart Centre gift cards cost €15.

Includes 12 minutes of driving time for children (up to and including 16 years of age) or 8 minutes for adults. Gift cards can be purchased at the Go-Kart Centre. The gift cards are valid for 1 year.

Gift cards from Piletilevi

Available at all Piletilevi ticket outlets: Go-Kart Centre gift cards valued at €20, €35 ja €60. The gift cards are valid for 6 months.

Go-Kart Centre gift cards from Piletilevi can be purchased at www.piletilevi.ee/en.

Discounts do not apply to gift card purchases!

Gift cards from www.kingitus.ee

Gift cards can be purchased from www.kingitus.ee.

In addition to the website, experiences offered by Kingitus.ee can also be purchased from gift stores at Rocca al Mare, Kristiine and Viru Keskus shopping centres.

(+372) 679 8300